A New Era of Security

We demystify security and help enable your business. We walk with you through your security enhancement journey,  on a path that is tailored to meet your business security objectives. 

Security Compliance

Organisations are expected to embed security in their business operations, to enhance security of its classified and sensitive information.

Vulnerability Prevention

We assess security vulnerabilities of your IT Infrastructure and provide remediation services to minimise possibility of security incidents. 

Security Analysis

We analyse your current security posture and provide you with detailed Security Enhancement Roadmap


Security Solutions & Services

Organisations are expected to embed security in their business operations, to enhance security of its classified and sensitive information. 

  • ISO 27001 – Security of customer and organisational classified records.
  • APRA CPS 234 – Security of Financial records
  • Australian Privacy Act / EU GDPR – Security of personnel information
  • PCI DSS – Security of card holder data
  • AG ISM – Security of Australian Government information

Our security solutions are tailored to help organisations address such security expectations and further enable business.

Security Framework

Our security service deliverables are aligned with industry security standards, such as ISO 27001, ISO 27005, NIST SP 300-80, PCI DSS. 


What We Offer

We expertise in a range of security services, broadly classified in:

  • Governance Risk Compliance
  • Technical Security Assessment
  • Training and Awareness.

These services are designed to address security requirements across your business operations.

Security Enhancement Roadmap

Attest the security implemented in your business operations, covering the people, process and technology aspects and provide a structured roadmap for enhancing the security implementation.

Security Governance

We help organisations adopt a security governance structure to embed security principles within business operations, planning for future security enhancements and the organisational security posture.

Security Awareness

Staff are considered the weakest link in the security implementation chain. We impart security awareness on staff, by running class-room and computer-based trainings. We conduct Phishing campaigns to check effectiveness of the security awareness.


Our Approach to Security

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat facing organisations of all sizes. In order to safeguard themselves against a successful security breach, organisations must stay a step ahead of cybercriminals by strengthening security in its people, process and technologies aspects of business operations.


There are a host of technologies that organisations can implement in order to layer their security defense.  It’s important that organisations do not use vulnerable and isolated solutions, but rather, select security technologies based on their ability to be integrated and automated to create a Security Fabric that can facilitate the rapid detection and mitigation of threats.


This layer of cybersecurity ensures that organisations have strategies in place to proactively prevent and to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a cybersecurity incident.


Employees can create some of the greatest risks to cybersecurity. However, when they are well informed they can also be an asset and a first line of defense. Oftentimes, cybercriminals will specifically target employees as an attack vector. 

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