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With a vertical focus on information security, and the provision of Security Consulting,  Assurance, Resourcing and Analytics, we guarantee you a security partner who will work with you to solve the security challenges that your organisation faces.


Our Security Services & Solutions

Secure Core was founded in 2014 and is a specialist provider of the full range of Information Security and Risk Management services. As an independent security provider, we are recognised for providing specialised services and solutions tailored to our customers.

Innovation in Security

We provide innovative and creative services through our experienced and highly skilled team of security professionals, supported by our customised, industry proven and certified technology solutions.  We are a trustworthy partner who will work with you to prevent security issues, detect incidents and respond, remediate and recover.

Security as a Business Enabler

Over these years our security services have helped many customers demystify the security clout, giving directions in an understandable manner, achieving better compliance and enhancing client business by meeting stakeholder expectations.

End-to-end Security

Our philosophy is clear. End-to-end protection for your enterprise that meets ever-changing compliance regulations. We’re committed to offering superior security solutions and services at an accessible price, so even small to medium businesses can enjoy ironclad information protection. 


How It Works

Many organisations are not equipped with the required skills and resources to understand the applicable security expectations and turn it into correct implementation. We as your security partner work with you through your security enhancement journey, making it a seamless experience for you.

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